Fact and Fiction


“We are the fact, and they are the fiction…”

Released in 1982, Fact and Fiction is a high water mark in the creative energies of Twelfth Night. A full insight into the album can be found here on the Twelfth Night website. It was done on a tight budget, with studio downtime and frantic writing and rehearsals between evening/early morning sessions.

Ever since joining Twelfth Night in 2007, Mark has been mulling over a re-recording, adding much more scale and scope to the project. Having let the idea percolate for years, Mark has come up with a story to interweave into and around the songs, adding more linking music and characters to flesh out a dystopian tale of repression, thought-control, brutality and betrayal yet – ultimately – hope and redemption.

Work has been sporadic, but there is already a large part of the material – both old and new – mapped out for the full-scale recording, involving a large choir and plenty of orchestral work.

Expect guests, interesting takes on re-interpretation of the songs and – above all – it will be LOUD!

UPDATE JUNE 2014: Mark is out of action for the next couple of months while he works on other projects, but there will be some small snippets of work-in-progress demos available soon.