All quiet on the western front

Posted by Site Admin on Sep 13, 2014

Hi all! It’s been a bit quiet here at Spencer Towers, as Mark has been busy with his regular day job of being a multimedia designer.

As many of you will know, Mark’s stint as bassist for Galahad came to an end at the Celebr8.3 Prog festival back at the beginning of June this year. As that festival also contained a performance by Twelfth Night as a thank-you to Geoff and Twang, Mark was seen in both guises for the last time for the foreseeable future.

Production work on the Twelfth Night DVD/CD from the December 2012 Barbican show is continuing around the schedules of the band members and Mark is also working with Andy Revell on some new material. No release dates are yet available. In the interim, Mark is working up some taster demos from the Fact and Fiction project, as well as other solo material, that will be showcased here on the site.

There is the possibility that Mark will be involved in another live act next year, but that’s about all we can tell you at the moment! :-D

More news as soon as we get it!

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